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One of the things that I love about my job is the process – there’s so many different phases – with the beginning being the design stage, and then end being production.  Then it starts all over again, which is perfect for me because I never get bored!

The way that we have found our process works best may not be the ‘right’ way, or maybe it is, but after many learning curves along the way we have it working for us.

The first step is deciding on our collection – what story are we telling?  Whats the ‘theme’?  We’ve released collections in the past which actually didn’t tell a story at all, they were just a throw together of designs that we loved – but we’ve now realized that having a theme helps you stay on track so much, and its way cooler too!

Ive learnt over the years to get my ideas down on paper pronto! I have scrapbooks full of designs and sketches that I would just draw as they popped into my head.  Then we can sit down and decide if it all matches, where to put what etc.  Once I have my designs finalized, Stace will then draw up some CAD drawings which we play around with, changing colours & fabrics.

The next step is my favourite – and this is where I can do things a bit different to I’m sure how it is ‘supposed’ to be done! FABRIC SHOPPING!! Most designers would have in mind exactly what they are looking for, and in some cases I do – however, I am so inspired by fabrics, that sometimes this step is way back at the beginning for me.  I will go fabric shopping with a clear head or a small brief of what Im after and I just let the fabric jump at me! I often find colours or prints that straight away I visualise something and that’s how my design comes about!  Im sure this is pretty backwards, but I work a lot on gut instinct and if I feel blah about a fabric I’m not gonna use it.

Once we have our designs and fabric sorted the next phase starts, and being totally honest – this is where the biggest issues can and HAVE happened for us!



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