#004 - The Process Pt.2

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Once we have our designs and fabric sorted the next phase starts, and being totally honest – this is where the biggest issues can and HAVE happened for us!

Finding a pattern maker was one of our biggest headaches last year. We went through THREE before we found an awesome one! We had no idea what ‘normal’ prices or labour times were and unfortunately we learnt the hard way. We had our first pattern maker do half of the work and then I had to try and figure out how to do the rest or where to go from from there. We ended up being hugely overcharged and putting weeks onto our process because of wait times. It was a huge learning curve for us – especially myself who of course has no formal training in this trade! I ended up having to swallow my pride a bit and not worry about sounding stupid, and instead see this as an opportunity to learn from people in the biz. Our pattern maker now is great, she gets my vision and is able to produce what I have in mind. The lesson I took from this was to allocate enough time that it takes to get a garment fitting correctly! I have had a particular pattern get sent back to the pattern maker 5x before it fitted correctly! That can very quickly add weeks (and dollar signs) onto your process!

Sample making is another area that I love as well, I make all our samples which is handy because we don’t have to pay for a sample machinist. Not to mention the LUC models live in our house haha! The get so annoyed with me asking to try something on over and over again to see what the fit is like. But they are great at giving me feedback!! “Mum these are tickly” “I want to wear this now”. Little do they know they are helping me design our collections!

Once our patterns are finalized and we are happy with the fit of every garment, I work out how much fabric I am going to need and get ordering! We use locally sourced fabrics from a range of different suppliers across Auckland. This is when I start to get super pumped because once we have our material, were ready for production!

I'm gonna be honest, speaking about production & manufacturers needs its own separate blog!


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