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I’ve got such a bad habit of placing my expectations high, going through our
processes I always found myself thinking – once this range drops, its gonna sell
like hotcakes!!!!

Once again, yeah, nah!

I have always found that styles which I anticipated would sell well, just don’t.
And vice versa, the ones that I wasn’t quite sure about – flew out the door!
Getting back to the process, once we have all of our stock back from our
manufacturers, this is when Stace’s job gets a bit more involved. He has his
‘quiet’ patch – while all of the pattern making / manufacturing is going down.
Stace designs our imagery after our photo shoots and once we know our exact
launch dates he will make artwork for that. It’s also so handy that he is able to
do all of this from home and we aren’t having to send files away or wait for
imagery to come back. He now builds our website around imagery that he has
created, and its my job to give him a list of all our inventory (stock). I have to
give him quantities of sizes, colours and styles plus product descriptions to go
with the images that we select for each item.

I’ve gotta give him a shout out here because he is fully self taught with
photography and all creative design, and I reckon he does a mint job! Working a
9-5 job and then coming home and sitting down to do all of our LUC marketing
and creative design until sometimes 1 or 2am is something that I’ll be forever
grateful for.

Once all the finishing touches are done, we are good to go! We always celebrate
on Launch Day – its been months and months of preparation, hard work,
frustration aswell as elation! So we make sure we give ourselves a high five.
The next step could possibly be the most important. We realized that it doesn’t
just take a hit of the ‘live’ button to start selling! Marketing is the secret!

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