5 Tips Travelling With Kids To Fiji


We just returned from a family holiday in Fiji and although I’m no parenting expert, I thought I’d put out a blog that may help others with a few things that we learnt and noticed while we were away in regards to travelling with a younger tribe! We went away with our family – 6 adults and 5 children to celebrate my Mums’ 70th Birthday.

1. Take a few toys, but don’t go overboard. One thing that we loved about staying in a resort in Fiji, was playtime for the kids meant going back to basics – playing in the sand, throwing rocks in the water, digging for ‘treasure’ (ok lets get real, it was actually Hendrixs’ Lightening McQueen car that he buried & we searched for most of the holiday!). Don’t get me wrong, there were iPads used aswell, but we definitely noticed the kids entertaining themselves a lot more using the surroundings of our location. Amazing!

2. DO go overboard with snack food! Ok maybe not overboard, but we did save a lot of money by taking snacks, especially for the kids! We had our breakfasts included at the resort but not lunch or dinner. This meant that we had to find lunch (we ate out most nights) and snacks during the day. We took a toaster and electric fry pan, and would recommend this hugely especially if your travelling in a group – you can easily pump out some toasted sammies for lunch quick smart!

3. The kids’ Speedo water vests! Seriously, savior! If your kids aren’t old enough to swim on their own, these are a must for your poolside holiday! By all means you still need to supervise your kids (lol) but for us it took a lot of the stress away from the kids falling in the pool or having to helicopter parent them around the water. And lets be honest, it meant they could swim in the kids pool while we sat poolside with our Fiji Golds living our best life.

4. Book flight times that are convenient for the kids! We flew Air NZ which were awesome once again , the kids just watched movies or slept! We always make sure we book convenient-for-the-kids flight times. Even if it costs a bit more, from experience it’s worth it! I always find that flying either early morning or when they would normally have their nap time (if they’re still young enough to be napping that is) at home is best – because they will hopefully sleep the whole flight for you!

5. We took over a few items from our Players capsule that ended up being awesome additions to the island wardrobe. Hendrix lived in his Kobe Shorts and on the odd day that he wore a top it was usually a Rookie Muscle Tee. Manaia’s fav was the Baller Skirt which she would put on over top over her togs and we cant forget the College Muscle Dress for those evening dinners!

Till next time Fiji!

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